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It is About Time…

by on Feb.01, 2008, under Life

It’s about time for a lot of things.

It is about time… I mail off this strange package I have. About 3 months ago, I received the queerest box from Amazon. I had ordered 2 HD-DVD movies, and the box that arrived weighed much more than expected. I opened it up, and to my amazement, the packing materials seemed to be a bunch of photos, letters and postcards. Amidst the mess, I found the two movies I had ordered, but the rest of the contents totally threw me off. I torn open the box at work, and all of my coworkers immediately began trying to figure out what had happened. It was pretty obvious that the pictures were all personal pictures, and there were even letters addressed to an Ali Prosch withing the jumble. I took another look at the box, which was in pretty bad shape, and I realized that I had somehow missed the post office tape on the top of the package that stated the package was received in damaged condition (yeah right). Apparently somewhere in transit, my box busted open, and Alli’s box blew up, and in an attempt to set things right, the postal worker stuffed everything into my Amazon box and taped it right back up.

I did some quick Googling and it turns out that Ali is a fairly well known artist type in the Florida area. Unfortunately my searches turned up no contact information. Since there was one letter posted to her from Feb ’07, that address may still be good. I need to actually write up a letter to poor miss Ali letting her know what happened, and mail the package off to see if it can find it’s way to her.

It is about time… I finally got a real watch again. I have not worn a watch on my wrist for well over 12 years, not since I got my first beeper. It couldn’t have been more than a few weeks after getting my beeper, when my watch stopped working, or I lost it, or something catastrophic happened. Regardless, I remember that I deciding that since I had purchased a beeper, there was no real rush in finding a watch, and I could look till I found one I actually liked. Well I looked and I looked, and being the picky dresser I am, I never found anything that struck me as worth wearing. After I gave up my beeper, I had a cell phone, and then another cell, and yet another. Eventually I gave up on finding a watch ever. I mean, I would casually look at them in the store, but I never expected to find anything that I would like.

Fast forward to last month. I had lost my wallet, and while it was a total pain getting all my cards replaced, I also realized that I would also have to get a new wallet. I don’t like carrying around a lot of stuff, so I was looking for something small, smaller than what I had previously used. I was at the mall with my friend Jess, who was helping do some shopping with my South Coast Plaza gift card that I received from work. I had mentioned that I needed a wallet, and she suggested we hit up the Fossil store, since they normally have some really nice items. Sure enough, in no time flat, I had found a wallet that I liked, and while she looked for a one for her boyfriend Jeremy, I looked around the store a bit. It was then that I saw a watch that I would actually wear. I avoided breaking down and buying it right then and there, and I shopped around at some outlet malls to see if I could find a better price anywhere. It turns out that particular model was not as common as I hoped, and so a few weeks later I broke down and returned to the Fossil store near home and purchased the watch. I have not regretted it in the slightest.

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  1. keyla

    Nice Jaime! You’ll have to show off your brand new shiny watch next time hubbie and I see ya!

    And what a strange box of stuff you got from Amazon. That would kind of freak me out for some reason. Hehehe.

    Thanks for the update on your blog! Keep it up! :D

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