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Fencing World Cup, Las Vegas

by on Jun.24, 2008, under Life

Just got back from Vegas, and I got a few good shots. Check out the new page for all the details, or the slideshow below should have some highlights.

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Vegas Again

by on Jun.21, 2008, under Life

Time for the Women’s World Cup! Brenden and I are heading to Vegas to watch some fencing, and I am hoping I can put the camera to good use. I want to try playing around with it a bit to see what I can get to come out. Should be a fun time.

Last night I met up with Ed, Frances, Joe, Jon, and Zach at a local Irish bar, and I must say, I was not impressed with the place. It kinda had an unclean smell to it, and this morning my stomach is rolling over, way more than the three beers I had should warrant. I better not have gotten any food poisoning from that place, if so, I will be a very unhappy Jaime.

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by on Jun.19, 2008, under Life

When I moved in with Brenden, my cats, Lois and Clark, went to live with Ed and Frances. I knew they would be well loved, and I would get to go and visit whenever I wanted. Unfortunately over the last few weeks Clark began getting really sick. It started with seizures, and once he recovered from that he stopped eating and started losing his strength rapidly. Despite having Frances and Ed to nurture and mother him, he continued to get worse, and last night the vet recommended that he be put to sleep.

Ed, Frances, and I were at the pet hospital last night, to say good bye, and to hold him as he received his shot. He was peacefully asleep when it happened, which is all we could have asked for.

We love you bunches Clarkie, I hope you are off chasing birds and running through fields in the kitty afterlife.

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Not unbelievable, but crazy good

by on Jun.09, 2008, under Links

I am about ready to crash, but I ran across this page and I had to share. I was a bit skeptical. After all, how unbelievable could 25 pictures be? Personally I wouldn’t say they are unbelievable, but they definitely inspire. I would pay money to hang some of these on my wall, and if I take even one photo this good, I will feel like I accomplished something with my life.

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