Halcyon Repose


Below are all of my BlizzCon photos. I didn’t really know what to take photos of since most of the Blizzard related items there were way to familiar, so I decided to instead focus on taking pictures of the attendies in their costumes. In a way I am sorry that I was only able to make it the first day, but regardless I was able to get a number of good pictures.

I found out that my little camera, while so small I can easily forget about it, does have a problem with flash. As in it doesn’t really have one. Not only do I get a good 6 feet if I am lucky, but it also comes with horrible red eye since the flash is so near the lens. I knew this going in, and in my opinion it is with the trade off of having a pocket size camera.

I must say, editing out red eye can be a total pain.. but I did leave it in for any night elves. After all they should naturally have glowing eyes. :)

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