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by on Nov.01, 2005, under Fencing, Life

Crazy week so far.

It seems like I have been walking a tight rope bridge at work the past two days. Nothing too awfully bad, but bad enough that the stress was building up. Thankfully I was able to resolve the problems at work today (It is always good to see the customer happy, even if it was your mess up that caused them to get irate in the first place), and everyone was extremely happy on the forums as I left work. I can only hope that maintenance tomorrow goes nice and smooth, and that the rest of the week flows smoothly as well.

After work, I headed to the gym for a much needed work out. Not only have I not been able to go for the last few weeks, but I was in serious need of the stress relief. I hate being as out of shape as I am, but I have to keep a nice steady pace lest I reinjure my back. I am all paranoid about it now, but of course in this instance I feel that my paranoia is justified and actually required to keep me up on my feet throughout the competitive fencing season.

Afterwards my gym visit I am now nice and relaxed, and I am working on plowing through all the photos that have piled up on my camera. Who knows, maybe I will actually be able to get to one of the wide variaty of side projects that have been piling up on me lately…

On the lighter side of things the fencing floor should now have the last coat of varnish on it. And so we complete yet another construction project at the fencing center. It always amazes me that we continually get emails from other fencing centers asking for advice after they see the photos up on our website. It’s always strange to think you are good at something, because deep down I know there are plenty of people who have much more experience, but the clubs contacting us always ask the same questions we asked as we started our projects. The only difference is that we had an absolutely wonderful pool of members with a wide variaty of talents which allowed us to really bang out some amazing things. From the fencing floor, to the overhead mounted reels, we truly are thankful for everyone’s contribution. If another club isn’t as lucky to have the expertise necessary to undertake their own projects within their club, then we are always glad to answer any questions and lend them the experience that our labors have given us (read: school of hard knocks).

Current Music: The Eagles – Take it Easy

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